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The Thing about Logproof Pictures

Cheating or inflating your online finds are a very common occurrence. In general it happens with easier and or power-trail caches so it's not worth losing sleep over it. In fact if you lose sleep over anything geocaching related, I'd recommend taking a break. It's just a game. Anyway. There are a couple of ways how cachers run with it. Keep in mind that not everyone considers all of these things as cheating. In fact the first one is sometimes encouraged by power-trail cache owners since it basically makes it a self-maintaining system. Therefore this is a controversial list: Cache Swapping or Moving - is the practice of picking up a cache, replacing it with one that has a log you or your group has signed, and signing the log as you drive to the next cache, where you will repeat the process.Leap Frogging / Bunny Hopping - is the practice of having two or more cars working together and alternating caches, for example one car gets all the even numbered caches and the other car …

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