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All Quiet on the Western Front

The last post is half a year old and honestly not much happened. At least geocaching-wise. Winter is always a busy period. There are mountaineering and dressage events which means looking for tupperware becomes even a lower priority.

However that's my personal experience so let's have a look at the Geocaching statistics instead. As you know,  I've been tracking the weekly statistics of Australia and the world for a while now.
In Australia you'll have around 3000 cachers finding at least one cache every week. That number has been fairly constant over the last 2 years and is only bumped up over the school holiday periods which you can see them clearly in the graph. 

Globally the weekly geocaching activity shows a bit more seasonality #surprise ... well not really given the big geocaching countries (Germany, Czech Republic, UK and that failed state in America) have something called winter which involves snow and stuff like that. 

Obviously this year's line doesn'…

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