Since groundspeak introduced a lot of new attributes a few weeks ago there is a lot of confusion. I won't draw the bigger picture here and focus on nightcaching. So which attributes are relevant? There are five:

Not 24/7 available
Recommended at night
UV light

Confused? Exactly my point. Before the last two attributes were introduced there was no "standard" solution in order to identify a nightcache except from reading the description. Normally the combination of the first three icons kind of gives it away however to make it work the owner has to set attributes :o) Well we all know how realisitic that is - e.g. as of now there are nine caches labelt as a nightcache in Australia. One of them isn't even a nightcache and further three are mine.In real life there are over 50 nightcaches out there.

Just keep in mind that the attributes are a great feature and if you place a cache please use them, but if you try to located "your style" cache you might miss it since not every owner bothers.


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