Getting a nightcache reviewed

If I put a nightcache on is there any difference to putting in a normal cache?

Well there is, but it isn't really huge. All the guidelines for a normal cache do apply for a nightcache as well. The only tiny difference comes with the additional waypoints. Let's just start easy and see what kind of additional waypoints do we have.
  • Coordinates - (*) these are the listed coordinates of the cache. If you want to change the coordinates of an active cache you'll have to do this via a "change coordinates"-log.  If your caches hasn't been publish yet you can just change them in the listing.
  • IPB Image Final Location - (*) this is the final position of the multi- or puzzlecache (the logbook has to be at this location).
  • IPB Image Parking Area - a recommendation to park your geomobile.
  • IPB Image Reference Waypoint - This is just a point you want to mark and might not be related to hunt for the cache. An electric BBQ, public toilets or simply a nice view are possible locations for this type of waypoint.
  • IPB Image Question to Answer - here is an object which would have been there anyway but it's needed to find the next stage of the cache. This could be a sign, fence or flashing signal where you have to count certain words, posts or seconds between lights.
  • IPB Image Stages of a Multicache - (*) at this type of waypoint you'll find something the owner of the cache placed. This could be a cache with a piece of paper holding the next set of coordinates, a tag or some other installation.
  • IPB Image Trailhead - well that is where the trail to the cache starts.
(*) These waypoints are checked for minimal distance to waypoints of other caches by the reviewers.

If you place an ordinary stage of a multi-cache, you enter the stage as an additional waypoint which can be either a "question to answer"or "stages of a multicache". For a nightcache you should do the very same thing with one exception:

If you place a trail of reflectors, every single reflector is not considered to be a "stages of a multicache" waypoint. Just use "question to answer" (QtA) if you want to enter every reflector. 

That's it. Easy, isn't it? However if you are placing a point-to-point nightcache, where a tag with the coordinates for next stage can be found at every reflector, then you'll have to use the "stages of a multicache" waypoint.
For a trail of reflectors I personally don't even bother to enter the coordinates of every reflector. I just enter the ones of the final where the tag or something else can be found. In any case it's good to give the reviewer a short (!) overview how the cache works in a reviewer-note. This way everybody's life is a little bit easier :o)


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