The Black Mesa Aftermath

Are you living around Melbourne and have no plans for tonight? Yep? Well here they are. Spladem, c@h and I placed it last week. It's GC2FTNX which is obviously unpublished because I didn't activate it. Have great night out.

The Black Mesa Aftermath

rift between dimensions


The Black Mesa Research Facility was a private research and defence contractor comprised of a massive complex built within Phillip Bay just off the coast of Melbourne. Built deep into the bottom of the ocean, Black Mesa has been a site for broad scientific research relating to theoretical, quantum, and particle physics, applied mathematics, robotics, genetics, biotechnology, trans-dimensional travel, teleporting, and other classified subjects.


The submerged character of Black Mesa is due to the shielding nature of vast amount of water on top of it. Although it being close to a major metropolitan area, it always was considered to be one of the safest facilities on this planet .. until the Black Mesa
Incident a few days ago.


A few days ago the Black Mesa has been rendered inert by a catastrophic
of the lambda-experiment. An uncontrolled trans-dimensional portal opened together with a secondary much smaller portal. Both of them could be closed however the secondary portal stayed open for a few hours.


During that time-frame some unknown artefacts slipped through the portal and found their way into the bay. The lambda satellite discovered the seven items while still afloat and fortunately they weren't washed into the open sea. This is were our luck ends: After being washed ashore they kept moving inland which means we are dealing with some kind of machine or life-form and as far as we can tell from the data received, they are causing another rift. They have to be stopped before they reach the southern coast and disappear into the ocean.

This is considered to be another class three incident so Point Nepean has been sealed off by local Police and the SASR. This area is a national park hich allows to have the whole operation unnoticed by the public. VIC Parks just announced the park to be closed for maintenance reasons. The only thing left in order to prevent this major catastrophe from happening is to bring in a specialist to neutralise this thread ... and by specialist we mean you.


Proceed to the Park Office where the forward command post has been set-up. You will be provided with a Hazardous Environment Suit (HEV) since the Xen-radiation which the lambda satellite picks up is not exactly healthy. From there you have to make your way into the hazard-zone. There is one fact which plays in your favour: The artefacts seem to be idle during night-time. It is unknown if the units are able to communicate. We just have to assume that this is the case so they have to be taken out simultaneously. Recon and place charges if they are entrenched otherwise we have several drones ready for an air-strike.


We recommend that you get the job done before dawn.


(The Hunt)

This is a nightcache.
You'll only need this paragraph to find the cache: Proceed to every stage and find the information. You don't have to follow the sequence in fact I recommend to bike to the far end first, enjoy the sunset and then start the search.


  • Stage 1 - The Hill
    S 38° 18.604 E 144° 39.923
    Look for a reflector

  • Stage 2 - MG emplacement
    S 38° 18.519 E 144° 39.866
    Look for a reflector

  • Stage 3 - Fortress
    S 38° 18.432 E 144° 39.557
    Look for a reflector

  • Stage 4 - Barracks
    S 38° 18.378 E 144° 39.485
    Look for a reflector

  • Stage 5 - Flat Top
    S 38° 18.219 E 144° 39.190
    Look for a reflector

  • Stage 6 - Ammo Store
    S 38° 18.190 E 144° 39.155
    Enter here and go to the ammo storage in the basement. Look for a number close to a reflector.
  • Stage 7 - Engine House
    S 38° 18.118 E 144° 39.166
    Enter the Engine House and look for a number close to a

  • Stage 8 - Cache
    Use all the information you have and go to the cache.


In terms of logistics I can recommend the following: Pick a nice evening, get yourself some Fish and Chips (Shop south-side of Ocean Beach Rd in Sorrento), have dinner at the Park Office (there are pick-nick tables and drinking water), head out to the point, enjoy the sunset and search the cache.


Point Nepean National Park is open 24/7. I especially asked about night-time access at the visitors centre and was assured that it is allowed to enter on foot or with a push-bike during the night. Some buildings are closed at night but that does not affect this cache. Enjoy the cache and take your time to explore. There are more places to discover around Point Nepean. The cache doesn't show them all but it's definitely worth to spend some extra-time around.

Viel Spaß *gg*



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