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Sometimes I hear that cachers don't "dare" to try nightcaching. "It's so much different", "I don't know where to start", "That's just out of my world" are just some sentences I've heard. Well it's not that hard. In fact it is not much different from normal caching if you keep a few things in mind:

  • Know how to call for help if you need it. If you are going on your own, have some way of communication and let someone know where you are going.You should actually do the same thing with every cache.
  • Like with every Multi read the description and get an idea what to expect and which equipment you might need.
  • Have a back-up torch. If you loose one or it breaks you can still find your way back to civilisation.
  • Wear good shoes. You don't want to twist your ankle just because you wore only thongs* and stumbled over the root you couldn't see in the dark.
  • Don't be afraid of spiders ... ok I admit this one is difficult to follow but most spiders are nocturnal. Be aware that you might face some nasty encounters. If you are afraid of spiders, keep a headlamp on at all times - this should prevent you from running into webs in the dark
  • Don't worry about that sound. Yes there are animals around you and they make noise. Possums, deer, boar, tassie devils, ducks, cats or whatever animals live in your country. Most of them are quite shy so you won't even see them. The is no boogie man behind the next tree.
That's about it. The rest is just pretty straight forward like Geocaching. Of course there are a lot more tips, trick and hints around nightcaching but you don't need all of that to try it. Just pick an easy nightcache and go for it :o)

* aussie slang for flip-flops


  1. Hi Phillip,

    just started out caching a couple of months ago (hard to do with the little geokids around) and have attempted a few night caching runs with mixed results.

    The big thing I noticed early on was that despite me having a few torches I had nothing really useful to assist me on my journeys. To put it bluntly, the torches I had were junk.

    I have a little LED head lamp which is great for getting around, but useless for actually spotting anything from any distance.

    After reading an earlier post of yours I went and had a look at some decent torches, in particular the LED Lensers, and although I had a bad case of gadget lust, i baulked heavily at the asking price (retail) in the shops.

    Yesterday I had to hit up a hardware shop for some other things and they had the Xstreem FOCUS F1W on the counter as I was paying. $29 with a 1watt LED and takes 3 AAA batteries 115mm long and supposed distance of 200 meters.

    Needless to say I grabbed one and am VERY impressed. The focus on this litle thing is so clear that you can actually see the layout of the LED projected on the wall, so it is very bright.

    If anyone is after an alternative light for night time caching, I think this little baby may be the answer. Of course, time will tell.

    Thanks and best regards,

    CamBendy on geocaching

    BTW, very keen to set up some caches in the coming months when I get back from O/S. Although I'm sure they wont be anything like your epic Black Mesa series, I'm hoping they may be something interesting enough for you to pass the time and provide a little enjoyment.

    I'm only new to this caper.... but feel I should give back to the community.


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