The Royal Event

Last Friday the Melbournian paddlers did meet on Herring Island. As I already wrote in the log:

I thought that not too many people would show up but as a pleasant surprise this truly royal and noble event was actually quite crowded The barbie worked perfectly and as far as I can tell nobody fell into the water. It was fun catching up and coming up with new ideas (Milk! Tritium! Fish'n Chips!). We already have set some wheels in motion So it was a good mixture of cachers and location which leaves only one conclusion: We'll do it again in a not so distant future

Yep. There are more events to come ... or at least I am planning on setting them up (God knows if it is really going to happen):
  • The next one will be a nightcaching event down at Point Nepean.
  • There will most definitely another event on Herring Island. The location is just way too good.
  • And I am thinking about another camping-event. Any ideas are more than welcome.


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