Royal Park GeoArt

First things first: What's geoart? Geoart is a collection of geocaches that have their posted coordinates arranged in a way to create an image or spell out a word. 

Although this seems to be a fairly popular thing, I always wondered how it matches up with the the Morsix Rules (see below) or the famous briansnat quote:

"When you go to hide a geocache, think of the reason you are bringing people to that spot. If the only reason is for the geocache, then find a better spot." 

Some examples:
However the beauty of this game is, that everyone can play it how they like >> there's enough space for everyone. Since I think placing geoart on a fairly flat landscape or by using puzzle caches is kind of cheating or another way to disguise a power-trail, I started creating little series with a twist: The Denali and the Ama Dablam series which are both a mountain on the mountain. 

Now fast forward to today and another geoart series has been completed. This time the location is very accessible: Royal Park not far from the Melbourne CBD. You need to spend a day or two in Melbourne and collect all the information about the caches. Along the way you can already find some of them in town before planning your big adventures and go for the finals.

While you're already in the city, you might want to check out other Bastard Multis which start in the area.

The final locations of this GeoArt as well as all the other Bastard Multis feature some of the most stunning places Victoria has to offer. Just for this series I provided a list with the final areas which should help you with the planning:

Why Royal Park? The location was chosen for simple practicality. Royal Park is literally on my daily commute and therefore part of the responsible maintenance plan. Trust me: there are tons of stages throughout the park which need occasional checking. The series itself was planned ever since Mark got his grubby little hands on a Virtual Cache so we could put this in as a centre piece. Admittedly we had to speed things up with the publication of the Mega otherwise the spots would have been taken by the standard wombat caches. The good news is that this T5 GeoArt has absolutely no impact on the cache series the mega org-team has in the pipeline. If adventurous caches aren't your thing, relax, pick another cache or wait until the other ones get published ;)

At this stage I'd like to thank a bunch of like-minded cachers who helped placing or inspired this series:
  • Tristan for the original set of nine puzzle tree climbs 
  • Adam and Michelle for some contributions as well as part of the beta testing
  • Lex for ... well ... you'll see. You probably won't thank him
  • Mark for adding a rare virtual into the mix
  • Steve for throwing in another TTC

Thanks Guys & Cheers 
Philipp - The Filthy Ratbag

P.S.: Fun fact - there is almost no space left in the park. I got a map with all trads, stages and finals. If you want to place a cache in the area, let me know and I can tell you where a patch is left.

The Morsix Rules:

  • Is the location of particular interest? (location, culture, architecture, landscape, ...)
  • Is it a challenge to get to the cache-box? (and that doesn't mean the next high-muggle location)
  • Does it have an innovative camouflage, twist or idea? (a micro is not a twist - it's not even a real cache)
  • Or is it exciting? (night-cache, electronic features, wherigo with a good story, ...)
Only if you can answer at least one question with yes, place the cache. If you can't, don't place the cache.


  1. In case you're wondering - the mega org-team is using the account ParkvillePuzzlers for whatever they have planned:

    They already pegged out a couple of locations in the area.


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