The Tallest Tree Cache in Australia - FOUND!

It is exactly what it sounds like: A highly disappointing cache for the OCD cacher. Although with good binoculars or a drone you can see the cache but you can't reach it. How frustrating is that? 

Now it finally has been found! 

Is it the tallest tree cache in the world?

I don't know but it's possible.There's a cache in the Czech Republic - Jedlon Nebeska - which claims a height of 64m but that's the height of the tree. I think it actually is the highest Czech tree and looking at the cache page, the cache seems to be at 57m ... which is the exact same height as this cache.

Alright everyone, back to work. Let's find a bigger tree.



  1. The hider logged a find on his own cache?! Sounds legit.

    1. I own the cache and I didn't log a find. Whether you can log a find when you where there when a cache got placed, is an ongoing debate. Technically it's within the guidelines.


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