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In case you missed it, GC HQ launched another promo where you can score ten virtual souvenirs. You can find all the details on their blog. Basically you have to get 500 points on your own by finding caches or moving trackables > sadly "quantity is king ♔" seems to be the motto.

Now in order to streamline the whole process for the players of Melbourne, I've dropped a series of 35 caches which can be completed in half a day, it gives you the required points and therefore the ten souvenirs. Does it stop here? Nope - I also uploaded a GPX file to save you the dreadful work and scoop through 35 mediocre puzzle. And finally the whole thing gets topped off by a nice spoiler gallery. You're welcome 😘
You got until the 8th April to get it done so don't delay it! On is an up to date countdown.

The whole idea was brain-stormed just before and during the Buller Getaway. Unfortunately that didn't leave much time to churn out the trail/series but we got it across the line. Thanks everyone who helped with this and provided some more or less helpful input.

The point is to give the local players a quick short run to get the required 500 points for a sub-standard promotion which could have been far better. Please team up, whack in a sticker, make up team names to save logbook space and feel free to pull the good-old leapfrogging tactic. Everything which doesn't piss off the locals and wrecks the caches is allowed. Just don't drive in a convoy since almost all stopping points don't have space for more than one car.

I hope you enjoy this short day out and please don't waste your time on lengthy logs or favourite points. There are far better adventures which deserve it. This is just about cheating the GC HQ promotion 🤣 Although the cache pages are nice and shiny and the containers reasonable, the whole thing still falls under polished turd 💩 It's about Points! Points! Points!

Cheers 😂

P.S.: Once you're done, you might as well score this little challenge cache

P.P.S.: As it turns there was a huge crowed doing the FTFs - at least the stickers of the Space Cadets are on page one of the logbooks. Congratulations to Team Smokey-Bear, Clever Monkey, skullracing, 88andy88, 1toolman, ausyowie, Jacko83, sharkiefan, the hamfish, The_Tritonz, Team Justice, S_38, º, ThePacman, maccamob, Riddell, SteMicMitSar, The Welder, ScattsMadhouse, Jamin Appleford, BernieH, dazzpete, au.fait, gmj3191 & sedgwickDave 👍 If you haven't logged all 35 caches, do it now!


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