Aussie Autumn CITO Week

Twice a year GC HQ does a CITO (Cash In Trash Out) week where you can score one of those virtual souvenirs again. The dates have for this year have already been published:

  • Spring Autumn CITO 21.-29. April 2018
  • Fall Spring CITO 15.–23. September 2018 
Merri Creek Cleanup
This means the Autumn CITO is coming up next weekend! Over the coming days there are a handful of events around Victoria so pick one which suits you best to do something good and meet fellow geocachers. In the end it's our playground we're keeping in mint condition. 

For everyone near the CBD, you got the choice between a mid-week T5 adventure at Herring Island or a simple Saturday Morning BBQ & creek clean-out at Fairfield. All events can be found in this mappable list of Australian Autumn CITOs

Now log your will attend and read the CITO event description. In any case gardening gloves and clothing suitable for the weather are a good start. Sometimes you might need to bring some additional gear ... like a kayak 😁

Cheers 🍻


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